React JS Certification Training in Hyderabad

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Eclasess offers affordable React JS Certification training in Hyderabad. We provides classroom/online React JS training by Industry experts. Our React JS course Includes from basic to advanced level concepts. We have designed our React JS course content based on students' requirements to achieve their goal. We are one of the leading MERN full stack development training Institutes in Hyderabad.

React JS Training Course in Hyderabad

For the Best React JS Training in Hyderabad, reach out to Eclasess. One of the best React JS training institute in Hyderabad, we offer a 100 percent hands-on training & Live Projects. React JS courses are high-paying Job and course that helps build a successful career in the IT sector. The tutors are experienced engineers and the best faculty which makes us the.

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React JS Training and Placements in Hyderabad

Looking for Best React JS Training and Placements in Hyderabad? Here you go! We're Eclasess React JS Training Institute in Hyderabad with the best placement record. We conduct mock interviews backed by our industry-experienced coaches and the business network, to let you learn their strengths and weaknesses. The mock interviews include detailed professional evaluation, collaboration, comportment skills assessment as a part of placement assistance.

Best React JS Training Centre in Hyderabad

Being top React JS Coaching center in Hyderabad, we provide excellent React JS Training Course in Hyderabad With alumni working in leading companies all over, a team of passionate Industry Professionals as trainers and the best learning infrastructure, Eclasess is at the forefront of bridging the gap between demand and supply of trained web development engineers.

React JS Training Key Features

  • Free Live Demo
  • Real-Time Experts as Trainers
  • One-to-One & Classroom Training
  • 100% Successful Course Completions
  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Support
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support
  • Fully Hands-on Training
  • Certification after Course Completion

React JS Course Content

  • Understanding "let" and "const"
  • Arrow Functions
  • Exports and Imports
  • Understanding Classes
  • Classes, Properties and Methods
  • The Spread & Rest Operator
  • Destructuring
  • Reference and Primitive Types Refresher
  • Refreshing Array Function
React Basics
  • React Concepts
  • The Birth of React.js
  • Declarative vs Imperative
  • Component Architecture
  • One Way Data Flow
  • Environment Setup
  • Introducing JSX
  • Building a First Custom Componen
  • Adding Basic CSS Styling
  • Passing Data via "props"
  • Adding "normal" JavaScript Logic to Components
  • Splitting Components Into Multiple Components
  • The Concept of "Composition" ("children props")
  • An Alternative Function Syntax
React State & Working with Events
  • Listening to Events & Working with Event Handlers
  • Working with "State"
  • A Closer Look at the "useState" Hook
  • Adding Form Inputs
  • Listening to User Input
  • Working with Multiple States
  • Updating State That Depends On The Previous State
  • Adding Two-Way Binding
  • Child-to-Parent Component Communication (Bottom-up)
  • Lifting The State Up
  • Controlled vs Uncontrolled Components & Stateless vs Stateful Components
Rendering Lists & Conditional Content
  • Rendering Lists of Data
  • Using Stateful Lists
  • Understanding "Keys"
  • Outputting Conditional Content
  • Adding Conditional Return Statements
  • Adding Dynamic Styles
UseEffect , Reducers , Contect API, Fragments , Portals & Refs
  • Introducing useEffect
  • useEffect & Dependencies
  • Using the useEffect Cleanup Function
  • Introducing useReducer & Reducers In General
  • Using the useReducer() Hook
  • Introducing React Context (Context API)
  • Using the React Context API
  • useContext Hook
  • React Context Limitations
  • React Fragments
  • Introducing React Portals
  • Working with Portals
  • Working with "ref"
An Alternative Way of Building Components : Class- Based Components
  • What & Why
  • Adding a First Class-based Component
  • Working with State & Events
  • The Component Lifecycle (Class-based Components Only!)
  • Lifecycle Methods In Action
  • Class-based Components & Context
  • Class-based vs Functional Components: A Summary
  • Introducing Error Boundaries
Http Requests
  • Starting App & Backend
  • Sending a GET Request
  • Using async / await
  • Handling Loading & Data States
  • Handling Http Errors
  • Using useEffect() For Requests
  • Sending a POST Request
Building Custom React Hooks
  • What are "Custom Hooks"?
  • Creating a Custom React Hook Function
  • Using Custom Hooks
Working With forms and User Input
  • Dealing With Form Submission & Getting User Input Values
  • Adding Basic Validation
  • Providing Validation Feedback
  • Handling the "was touched" State
  • React To Lost Focus
  • Refactoring & Deriving States
  • Adding A Custom Input Hook
  • Re-Using The Custom Hook
Basics of Redux
  • Redux vs React Context
  • How Redux Works
  • Creating a Redux Store for React
  • Providing the Store
  • Using Redux Data in React Components
  • Dispatching Actions From Inside Components
  • Attaching Payloads to Actions
  • Working with Multiple State Properties
  • How To Work With Redux State Correctly
Introducing Redux Toolkit
  • Adding State Slices
  • Connecting Redux Toolkit State
  • Migrating Everything To Redux Toolkit
  • Working with Multiple Slices
  • Reading & Dispatching From A New Slice
  • Redux-Devtools
  • Asynchronous Redux: Redux-Thunk
Building a Multi-Page SPA with React Router
  • Installing React Router
  • Defining & Using Routes
  • Working with Links
  • Using NavLinks
  • Adding Dynamic Routes with Params
  • Extracting Route Params
  • Using "Switch" and "exact" For Configuring Routes
  • Working with Nested Routes
  • Working with Query Parameters
  • Sending & Getting Quote Data via Http
Deploying React Apps
  • Module Introduction
  • Deployment Steps
  • Adding Lazy Loading
  • Building The Code For Production
  • Getting Started With Deployment (Uploading Files)
  • Exploring Routing Issues & Finishing Deployment

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