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Resume Preparation

Interview Questions and Answers

Real Time Project Explanation

Python Development(Python Along with Django)

1.)Starting with Introduction:
 Introduction to Web
Introduction to Backend
ClientSide language
ServerSide Language

2.)Starting with Some Prerequist:

HTML Basic
 CSS Basic
 JavaScript Basic

Capstone Project on Cleint side Language.
3.)Starting with Core Python:
  • Introduction to Programming
    Python Basics such as variable
    Data types of Python
    Operator in Python
    I/O Functions and Type Conversion
    Decision Making Statements in Python
    Loops in Python
    Functions in Python
    Deep Dive into Data Types (Data Structure of Python)

Capstone Project on Python Core
4.)Starting with Advance Python:
  • Libraries or Modules
    Exceptional Handling
    Object Oriented Programing Language(OOPS)
    Advance Functions and Anonymous Function
    Iteraters , Genrators and Decoraters
    Regular Expression
    DataBase Connectivity with Python

5.)Starting with Django:
  • Django Setup
    Django Project
    Django Applications
    Django DataBase Access(Configuration)
    Django URL Mapping
    Django Views
    Dajngo ClassBased Views
    Django Templates
    Django Static Files
    Django Media File
    Django Models
    Django Templates Views
    Django Templates Tags
    Django Forms
    Django Model Form

  • Django Validations
    Django Relative URLS Templates
    Template Inheritance
    Django User Model
    Django Password
    Django Authentication and Authorization
    Django Signup or Registration.
    Django Login and Logout
    Django Deployment
    Django Admin

Django Real-time Project(Which you can mention in your resume)
  • Note:
     There will be an assignment on Each and Every section.
     Interview questions will also be discussed
     Each and everything will be Practically implemented
    by using real-world examples.

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