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Eclasess is providing MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) designed by Experienced Professionals in Microsoft. You will be master in MSBI , if you complete course in Eclasess. Eclasess specifically designed MSBI course to clear your interviews and to work on your project from day one, if you are moving from other technologies to MSBI and Certifications which are related to MSBI. As part of MSBI Course, we will train you SQL Server, SSIS to integrate data, SSRS to visualize the data and SSAS to analyze the data.

What is MSBI?

Microsoft Business Intelligence is complete set of BI tools from Microsoft Corporation to transform DATA(which can understand by Machine) into Information(which can be understood by Human being). MSBI can extract, transform and load data. MSBI can be used to make reports to visualize the data. MSBI can be used to do analytics by creating time based calculations like MTD(Month to Date), QTD(Quarter to Date), YTD (Year to Date), Prior, YoY(Year over Year) and %YoY(Percentage of Year over Year).

The complete MSBI stack here is

  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service)
  • SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Service)
  • SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Service)

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

It is used to extract data from various data sources, transform data based on business requirement and load into destination. There are various transformations to transform data. The following are the transformation activities

  • Removing unwanted data
  • Deriving new data definitions based on business requirement
  • Merging data either horizontally or vertically based on business requirement
  • Aggregating data
  • Sorting data
  • Converting data types from other types based on requirement.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

SQL Server Reporting is reporting tool to create reports to the users. SSRS is part of MSBI. SSRS can create various types of reports like Table, Matrix, List, Parameter(s) reports, Cascading Parameter reports, Drill Down Reports and Drill through reports based on Business requirement. SSRS Developers can deploy/publish reports to SQL Server Reporting Service to make it available for the users. User can connect from any system which is connected to corp network and can access the report, if they have access to the SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS is also have Report Builder, which is used to do ad-hoc changes in the server itself. Reports will be scheduled based on Business requirement.

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services): It is analytical tool which is used to create Multidimensional Cube and Tabular Model. In Multidimensional, can create Data Source view, Named Calculations, Named Queries and logical keys to create relationships. Cube(s) will be created in Multidimensional Model and can create partitions and Measures as part of the Cube. Time Intelligence can be applied based on requirement either in Multidimensional Model or Tabular Model. MDX(Multidimensional Expression) as SSAS Data sources will be available for the users, once it is deployed.

Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
  • Overview of SQL Server Integration Services
  • Using Integration Services Tools
  • Using the Import and Export Wizard
  • Running an Integration Services Package
Module 2: Developing Integration Services Solutions
  • Creating an Integration Services Solution
  • Using Variables
  • Building and Running a Solution
Module 3: Implementing Control Flow
  • Control Flow Tasks
  • Control Flow Precedent Constraints
  • Control Flow Containers
Module 4: Implementing Data Flow
  • Data Flow Sources and Destinations
  • Basic Data Flow Transformations
  • Advanced Data Flow Transformations
  • Data Flow Paths
Module 5: Implementing Logging
  • Overview of Integration Services Logging
  • Enabling and Configuring Logging
Module 6: Debugging and Error Handling
  • Debugging a Package
  • Implementing Error Handling
Module 7: Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions
  • Implementing Checkpoints
  • Implementing Transactions
Module 8: Configuring and Deploying Packages
  • Package Configurations
  • Package Parameters
  • Deploying Packages
Module 9: Managing and Securing Packages
  • Managing Packages
  • Securing Packages
  • What is Analysis Services Tabular Model?
  • How to create Azure Analysis Service Tabular model project
  • What is Workspace Database?
  • Import Data
  • Direct Query Mode
  • Tables and Columns
  • Relationships
  • Calculations
  • Measures
  • KPIs
  • Hierarchies
  • Partitions
  • Perspectives
  • Translations
  • Roles
  • Deployment of Tabular Project
Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Overview of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Installing Reporting Services
  • Reporting Services Tools
Module 2: Authoring Basic Reports
  • Creating a Basic Table Report
  • Formatting Report Pages
  • Calculating Values
Module 3: Enhancing Basic Reports
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Displaying Data
Module 4: Manipulating Data Sets
  • Defining Report Data
  • Using Parameters and Filters
  • Using Parameter Lists
Module 5: Using Report Models
  • Creating Report Models
  • Using Report Builder
Module 6: Publishing and Executing Reports
  • Publishing Reports
  • Executing Reports
  • Creating Cached Instances
  • Creating Snapshots and Report History
Module 7: Using Subscriptions to Distribute Reports
  • Introduction to Report Subscriptions
  • Creating Report Subscriptions
  • Managing Report Subscriptions
Module 8: Administering Reporting Services
  • Reporting Server Administration
  • Performance and Reliability Monitoring
  • Administering Report Server Databases
  • Security Administration
  • Upgrading to Reporting Services 2008
Module 9: Programming Reporting Services
  • Querying for Server Information Using a Web Service
  • Automating Report Management
  • Rendering Reports
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